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Wight Heat Briquettes are made from 100% clean wood waste, nothing added.



About Wight Heat

Wight Heat supports youth work in the South Wight Area Youth Partnership (SWAY) and provides young people with work experience.

About Joanna and Graham Richards

Joanna Richards lives on the Isle of Wight with her husband on a farm nestled under the Hoy Monument in the AONB in Chale. The farm has been in the family for four generations, and was originally dairy and then beef before becoming arable.

Joanna grew up on the mainland but has lived in Africa and Asia working with rural people helping them to develop credit unions, grow trees and vegetables, and earn an income from art and crafts. She spent eight years in the game reserves as a wildlife ranger and worked to prevent soil erosion through good land management.

Joanna’s husband Graham grew up on the farm and was apprenticed to a local timber firm where he learnt his much loved trade of joinery. After 20 years he started his own business on the farm in 1989 which he still runs and is a major employer in the village.

A History of Wight Heat

Both Joanna and Graham are keen to live as sustainably as possible and are always looking to reduce wastage. It became clear that there was a way to turn waste wood into fuel for the local market. So Wight Heat was set up on the farm in January 2009 with the purchase of a briquetting machine and shredder.

But it doesn’t end there, Joanna now has clean wood waste coming in from a number of sources on the Island to be recycled. Suppliers are happy to know that the waste wood is no longer going into landfill - and subsequently emitting gases such as methane - but to a worthwhile use.

Over the next few years Joanna hopes to find ways to maximise this local solution with more local products, helping the Island to reduce its carbon footprint, be more enterprising and meet its own fuel needs. She is currently seeking ways to encourage companies and organisations to effectively sort wood so more can be used for fuel rather than going to landfill.

Do contact Joanna at Wight Heat if you can support this or have any suggestions that can be developed.


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10kg bags
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2.5kg bags (scented)
£1.80 each + delivery

Delivery to Isle of Wight only. Orders of 10 bags or fewer will be delivered on our next scheduled delivery round.

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